Polityka sporu. Poza polityką instytucjonalną?

  • Grzegorz Foryś


The article is an attempt to present the growing importance of feud politics as an area beyond institutional politics. The issue discussed in the article seems to be up to date, especially in the context of modern day representative democracy crisis. It is possible to say that contestation policy is a connection of sorts between institutional politics and the society and it is a sign of taking public action parallel to traditional politics. The validity of this thesis is dependent, though, on the acceptance of the specific definition of politics itself, as well as definitions of feud and protest politics. The most accurate approach in this matter seems to be the subjectoriented one. It can be said without doubt that contestation politics is becoming an important part of institutional politics which cannot be omitted. This can be seen not only in the growing number of contestation actions, but also in the engagement of the country in this kind of politics. It seems that the perspective accepted in the article allows for further analysis of the subject, which would include such elements as: political behavior and actions, political process, or some models of group politics.