„Europejskimi oczami, z transylwańską duszą” – etnoregionalizm Unii Demokratycznej Węgrów (UDMR) w Rumunii

  • Dominika Kasprowicz


The article presents a case study of one of ethnoregional parties – Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania. The party was established in 1990 and has become one of the primary political powers in Romania. The author of the article relies on unique sources and the results of qualitative research. She presents the program of the party which is a modern mixture of ethnic and national postulates as well as the organizational structures and politics of the party, all seen from the perspective of ethnoregionalism. As a result, the reader receives answers to a series of more general questions connected with the current status and challenges that the group of the “New Politics” party introduces into the party systems.