Rozliczenie z PRL-em jako przesłanka budowy wspólnoty ekskluzywnej w perspektywie komunitarystycznej (w koncepcjach Prawa i Sprawiedliwości)

  • Danuta Karnowska


The postulate of settling accounts with the Polish People’s Republic was supposed to serve the Law and Justice Party mainly as a building material for developing the exclusive community. The basic categories of such community include common good, specific tradition and practice that form the particularism of the community. By accusing the Polish People’s Republic of ideological denial of the society’s particularisms, politicians from the Law and Justice Party recognized the necessity of settling accounts with the pathologies of that period in the country’s functioning. It had mainly an ideological, moral dimension as well as realized the idea of social justice. In the case of the Law and Justice Party, it was also used as a marketing tool.