Stanisław Stomma i Jerzy Turowicz wobec rzeczywistości politycznej Polski powojennej (1945–1953)

  • Kamil Mazurek


The period of the functioning of the first „Tygodnik” (1945-1953) was in the intention of its leading editors, Jerzy Turowicz and Stanisław Stomma, the time of searching for the idea of functioning in the new, post-war reality. The diagnosis of the political situation showed the impossibility of carrying out any political activities that would lead to the confrontation with the authorities. It induced the publicists to adopting the cultural sphere as their field of activity. In that time, Turowicz and Stomma were creating the vision of the cultural order, its functioning in the system of the country as well as the role that the state should fulfil with respect to the country’s culture and its creators. The publicists were also searching for the conditions for the functioning of secular Catholics in the then reality. They expressed their opinion on what the position of Catholicism and Marxisms that function simultaneously should be as well as pointed to the conditions that ensured the possibility of co-existence. In many cases, compromise attitudes that expressed the ability to adapt were manifested.