Ocena Okrągłego Stołu w III Rzeczypospolitej – ciągłość i zmiana

  • Krystyna Trembicka


The assessment of the Round Table was extraordinarily stable. The political environments
accepting the Polish Third Republic, taking part in ruling the country, are generally positive
about the talks between the government of the Polish Third Republic and the opposition.
In 2014, even the representatives of “Prawo i Sprawiedliwość” (Law and Justice) party
maintained the opinion from the previous years, formulated by Jarosław Kaczyński and Lech
Kaczyński, that the Round Table, as a tactical action, was a necessary undertaking at that
time in history. The negative assessment of the event were characteristic of non-parliament
parties and ones with small social support. The following anniversaries of the start of the
debate were a good opportunity to mark one’s difference from the establishment by negation.
Change of the assessment was a result of the evolution of the situation in Poland. Hard political
fight in the Polish Third Republic caused a change of positions e.g. with regard to former political opponents or even enemies. The verbal change of position of W. Frasyniuk towards
gen. Jaruzelski can only be explained with the attack of the Jarosław Kaczyński establishment
on the politicians of the Democratic Union and Freedom Union. The environments reluctant
to PiS for the same reasons forgot that the government led by Tadeusz Mazowiecki could only
take place because of the activity of Jarosław Kaczyński. Many of the evaluations, both on the
side of the Round Table architects and its opponents had no connection to the subject of the