Wewnątrzpartyjne konflikty w głosowaniach sejmowych w PO i PiS w latach 2001–2014

  • Dariusz Stolicki


The aim of the article was to analyze the inconsistent votings from the period 2001–2014,
that is those votings which revealed inner conflicts or disharmonies in the two biggest Polish
political parties – Platforma Obywatelska (Civic Platform) and Prawo i Sprawiedliwość
(Law and Justice). The notion has never been analyzed before, therefore the research
presented was of exploratory nature. Inconsistent votings were analyzed according to
categories (legislative, personal, control, supervisory, resolution-making, etc.) and, in the case
of votings on lawmaking bills, also according to the matter of a proposed bill. Inconsistent
votings other than lawmaking were analyzed through a simplified case study in order to
determine the reason for the lack of consistency. The most important results of the analysis
were the significant drop in the number of inconsisten votings after 2005 both in PO and
PiS; the clear division into the governing party and the opposition (however, inconsistency
within the former is less common; and the most vital areas of inconsistency. Said areas
include personal and ideological issues, European affairs (in PO up until the fourth term of
office, whereas in PiS mainly due to ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon), as well as budget
amendments (yet only in opposition parties). The analysis of correlation of inconsistencies
within PiS and PO shows that the more those parties grow apart politically, the less often
there is dissonance within them occurring at the same time.