Przyszłość „post-prawdziwego” społeczeństwa informacyjnego – utopia czy dystopia

  • Bernard Szatkowski Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie


Introducing new technologies is being slowly presented more and more as a dystopia
rather than utopia. The information revolution is understood as the Internet and all further
consequences of its existence. It is obvious that social media are becoming the main tool of
political communication and social and political activation. Direct communication with the
electorate using these means opens politicians to the unprecedented possibilities, but at the
same time it raises numerous controversies. ICT technologies have changed the way not only
parties act, but also many groups, organizations and associations. The changes also influence
many apolitical areas of life, however there should be a political discussion about the
possibility of regulations. The examples presented in the text of the further going solutions is
supposed to serve as a reflection on the issue of predictability of the consequences of human
Keywords: ITC technologies, information society, social media, artificial intelligence, utopia
and dystopia